Elle Macpherson Diet Plan


Firstly, James wanted Elle to cut the CRAP

C – Caffeine

R – Refined Foods

A – Alcohol

P – Processed Foods

Duigan said so because Elle Macpherson was earlier a normal Australian chick. She used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day and used to had foods, listed as CRAP. It was very difficult for her to stick to a new diet plan, but she managed to do that.


Elle never eats less and as a result never suffers from the starvation problem, like Selena Gomez in 2012. Duigan says

“Don’t play with your metabolism by starving yourself. It’s better to eat well and move around a bit instead of messing with your metabolism.”

Elle got her 36-25-35 by following her personal trainer’s suggestions:-

  • Have a clean diet. Duigan further added that “Healthy body is a lean body”.
  • Cut down sugar as it is a highly addictive toxin. It will convert you to a fat-store rather than a fat-burner.
  • Also, Duigan urges people to limit the coffee a day or two maximum.
  • Stress is another issue, which can lead to bad eating habits.
  • Don’t skip your meals

Duigan has not made such a diet plan for Elle, which can make her feel hungry. He insists to eat a protein-rich diet – Eggs, yogurt, meat, almonds. Eating cereals, toast, milk is also a good morning diet.

Written by Kartik Gohel on March 17, 2020

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