Lady Gaga Diet Plan and Workout Routine

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Lady Gaga follows a 5 Factor Diet made by her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak. According to this diet, Lady Gaga requires eating 2 times meals and 3 times snacks a day.

She mainly likes vegetables. In her own words –

“I’m on a very strict healthy pop star diet. I don’t eat bread, just vegetables, salad and fish. Eating like that is much better for me anyway but on Sundays I sometimes eat pasta”


  1. Pancakes made with whole wheat flour
  2. Fat-free Milk
  3. Fruit


She eats these snacks alternatively 3 times a day.

  1. Salads
  2. Coconut Water
  3. Turkey
  4. Green Chips
  5. Sugar-free beverages


  1. Fish
  2. Vegetables
  3. Salad
  4. Tofu

A diet chart has been made by Harley Pasternak, which mainly includes the above things. She likes to eat other food items as well. So, she keeps a day when she eats of her choice.

She recently tweeted which showed that she has been endorsed to anorexia. This really shocked her 24 million Twitter followers.


Lady Gaga 2020 Workout Routine

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or more commonly Lady Gaga (b. March 28, 1986) American singer and songwriter. Lady Gaga got fame through her debut studio album “The Fame” in 2008. This album reached no. 1 position on Billboard Dance charts and also on record charts in 6 countries.

Lady Gaga Workout Routine

Lady Gaga follows 5 Factor Workout and Diet, made by her personal trainer Harley Pasternak.

Lady Gaga does workouts by dancing and doing rehearsals. But, in addition to this, she also performs these exercises, as suggested by Harley Pasternak, who has also trained Robert Downey Jr., Halle Berry, Alicia Keys with his fitness and diet plans.

  1. Warming Up – This lady…I mean Lady Gaga firstly warms up herself before doing the following exercises, usually by slow running.
  2. Rope Skipping – Then, she switches to rope skipping for about 5 to 10 minutes. She never misses cardio as she knows that proper cardio is also necessary for getting a fit body.
  3. Harley Bar– 10 reps with 3 sets.
    Harley Bar

Harley Bar

  • This Harley bar is developed by Harley himself. She liked it so much that she carries Harley bar, wherever she goes. It is basically a Dumbbell and Barbell combo.
  • Skater Lunge – 10 reps with 3 sets
  • Seated Trunk Twist – 30 reps per side with 1 set.
  • Yoga – Besides these, Lady Gaga does yoga and stretching exercises as well.
Lady gaga doing Yoga
Lady Gaga doing Stretching exercise

Her workout lasts for 30 minutes a day and she follows this routine from Monday to Friday.

Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to just cardio to burn fat.

She is very strict to her workout as she has to look fit during her stage shows.

You can see the method of performing these 3 exercises (Harley bar, skater lunge, and seated trunk twist) from the following video.

Lady Gaga Ab Workout

Harley Pasternak says about Lady Gaga that

“Lady Gaga has always been active, but about a year ago, she decided she wanted to have the best abs, legs and arms ever, so she stepped up her workouts”

You can get a glimpse of ab exercises, which Lady Gaga does in order to keep her fit and healthy.

I think you have got some knowledge about her workout routine. So, why don’t you see Lady Gaga diet, which is equally important as the workout.

Lady Gaga 2017 Workout and Diet Secrets

Lady Gaga at Grammy Awards 2017
Lady Gaga at Grammy Awards 2017

Lady Gaga is having an adventurous year. First, she stunned us with her amazing performance in Super Bowl, an annual championship game of the National Football League. Then, she attended Coachella in April and now, she is preparing to be her best at the Joanne tour in August. Whenever we look at any of her performances, her energy, and her looks, we wonder what workout and diet plan help her. If you have been wondering the same, then here are a few answers for you.

Workout Routine

The diva herself admitted that she works out a lot. She has a fondness for equipment like VersaClimber, TRX training straps, and Psycle, which is an indoor cycling fitness craze. When she is on VersaClimber, she sings to keep herself entertained. Hence, she mixes cardio while singing.

Psycle is an indoor cycling fitness craze that is used by celebs like Millie Mackintosh and Victoria Beckham. In a few words, it’s a party on a bike because you are placed in a low-lit room that has multi-colored disco strobes and is sometimes plunged into darkness. Music is blaring out all the time which motivates you to perform a high-intensity workout that includes doing push-ups on a bike, weight lifting, high-resistance stretches, etc.

Rhian Stephenson, the CEO, nutritionist and lead instructor of Psycle believes that this exercise can help you burn 800 calories in one class. You just need to do it at least 3 times per week to see the results. It results in more energy, good mood, better food choices and makes you more inclined to exercise. The weights and choreography ensure that you work the whole body, build upper body strength, develop muscle tone, strengthen the core and have fun.

After this workout, you should have top quality protein as it will ensure muscle repair, carbohydrates that will replenish muscle glycogen (energy) and nutrient-rich greens which deliver sufficient vitamins & minerals. An ideal post-workout meal after a Psycle class should include some chicken or turkey, some sweet potato, brown rice and loads of vegetables. People who prefer to drink should use unsweetened plant-based milk, some protein, a few greens and a bit of fruit.

Pasternak Praises

Harley Pasternak who has been training the singing sensation for a long time now keeps praising her. He recently said that she is a proof of the fact that you always have time to work out.

Diet Secrets

The former personal chef of the actress, Bo O’Connor says that Gaga makes healthy diet choices particularly when she is on a tour. She accompanied her during her tour for Artpop where she avoided foods like Doritos as she had to put a very intense show. She depended on full-protein pasta that’s made without flour, low sodium beans, and a few specified spices.

As an Italian girl at heart, Mother Monster likes red sauce or gravy and healthy version of pasta, quinoa or foods like that. During the tour for Artpop, her diet plan was as follows and we believe it would not be very different this time around.


Eggs or egg whites with loads of vegetables, fruits, healthy granola or occasional Greek yogurt were her breakfast options. If she craved French toast that was too sweet, the chef made a healthier version for her.

If she craved French toast that was too sweet, the chef made a healthier version for her.

Lunch & Dinner

She had options like burgers with ground turkey meat or ground chicken meat that were filled with herbs and spices to jazz it up.

Drink Preferences

To stay hydrated, the hazel-eyed beauty depended on tea and fresh coconut water. If she needed a pick me up, her childhood friend, O’Connor whipped up a hot drink with fresh ginger & turmeric and lemongrass that served as a perfect pick me up for her. She avoided processed juices and stuck to green juice made with spinach, kale, cucumbers, celery, lemon, and parsley.

Snack Preference

The songwriter liked to have GG crispbread crackers, rice crisps, pretzels, health bars, baked chips, nuts or a Bittersweet chocolate.

An Adventurous Eater

The Chef of Pomeroy Restaurant in NYC says that Gaga is an adventurous eater who is open to eating anything she likes. She also has some rare steak or a post-show whiskey. But generally, she stays away from anything that is super processed or made with white flour rather than whole wheat or whole grain.

Written by Kartik Gohel on March 15, 2020

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