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Biography Of Nat Turner
Real Name Nat Turner
Famous as Leader of Slave Rebellion
Nationality American
Personal Life of Nat Turner
Born on 02 October 1800
Birthday 2nd October
Died At Age 31
Sun Sign Libra
Born in Southampton County
Died on 11 November 1831
Place of death Courtland
Grouping of People African American Men
Cause of Death Execution
Spouse/Partner Cherry Turner
Personal Fact of Nat Turner

Nat Turner was one of the most controversial characters of the nineteenth century America. Born into slavery, this African American youth organized the biggest slave rebellion in the United States of America in the early nineteenth century. Although it did not succeed in emancipating the slaves it busted the myth that they were contented with their lot and ultimately paved the way for abolition of slavery. Different people have different opinion about him.

He was declared a prophet by his fellow slaves and respected as such. In 1960, he became an icon of black power movement in the US. Even to this day some scholars hail him as a hero fighting for a just cause. Another group calls him a religious fanatic and a murderer, not different from modern day terrorists. They argue that his method was villainous and cannot be supported at any cost.

Yet, one cannot deny the fact that the rebellion he organized was not for his own benefit; he tried to liberate his fellow slaves who were treated inhumanly by their white masters and punished severely at the slightest mistake. Nat himself was no exception to that. A large knot of bones in his right wrist was a pointer to the fact.

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