Lee de Forest Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Friend, Like, Affairs, Favourite, Birthdate & Other

Lee de Forest Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Friend, Like, Affairs, Favourite, Birthdate & Other


This Biography is about Lee de Forest including his Height, weight,Age & Other Detail…

Biography Of Lee de Forest
Real Name Lee de Forest
Famous as Father of Radio
Nationality American
Personal Life of Lee de Forest
Born on 26 August 1873
Birthday 26th August
Died At Age 87
Sun Sign Virgo
Born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, U.S.
Died on 30 June 1961 AD
City Iowa
Family Background of Lee de Forest
Father Henry Swift de Forest
Mother Anna Robbins
Discoveries / Inventions Invented The Audion, The First Triode Vacuum Tube And The First Electrical Device Which Could Amplify A Weak Electrical Signal And Make It Stronger.
Awards IRE Medal of Honor (1922) Edison Medal (1946)
Personal Fact of Lee de Forest

Lee de Forest was an American inventor famously known as the Father of Radio. A prolific investor with over 180 patents to his name, he invented the Audion vacuum tube which could amplify a weak signal and make it stronger. It was this very invention that paved the way for further inventions in the field of electronic communications. Radio broadcasting, television and films would not have been made possible had it not been for this man’s genius mind.

A pioneer of the electronic age, he also played a key role in bringing sound to hitherto silent motion pictures. From a young age he had been fascinated by science and technology and was blessed with a curious and creative mind. His father was a Congregational Church minister and had hoped that his son would follow in his footsteps. But the young Lee had other plans.

He started inventing things from his teenage though he himself had no idea how far his ingenuity would take him. In spite of his highly creative and intelligent mind, he was a poor businessman and could not enjoy the financial successes arising form his own inventions. A brilliant inventor no doubt, he led a very controversial personal life. He married four times and was involved in several lawsuits and even indicted for mail fraud though later acquitted.


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